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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Learning History @ Aguinaldo Shrine, Kawit, Cavite

Start of my Philippine History lesson  :)

After my grave yard work shift and finally my rest day, I decided to travel and discover the Philippine history on my own. I was just curious about it and since it was my favorite subject since high school until I reached my diploma in college, I still remembered on what my professors taught me in class. From the pre-colonization until the new generation, I still recall the story of my country. Until this moment, I decided to travel few kilometers south of Metro Manila to reached the historical town of Kawit, Cavite.

Map of Kawit. Source: Wikipedia

From my office, I rode a jeepney and reached Lawton, Manila. After that, I road a bus bound for Cavite City. I paid PHP38 for the airconditioned bus fare and traveled an hour to reached the town of Kawit. After few minutes, I noticed a huge shrine and I immediately informed the bus driver to dropped me to that place. I immediately recognized that this place was Aguinaldo Shrine and started my Philippine History class. :)

Welcome to Aguinaldo Shrine

my first solo shot

up close

my another solo shot

History Marker

I was excited since it was my visit to this place by myself. Gladly, I brought my camera and took some photos since they allowed it. By the way, this place was famous in the Philippine history where the first Philippine president, General Emilio Aguinaldo raised the Philippine flag signified independence from Spain last June 12, 1898. It was also the residence of General Aguinaldo which was now converted into a museum. The entrance to the museum greeted a garden and the vintage car which located at the right side of the museum. This was the presidential car during that period. I was amazed and took some photos there. 

at the garden

Presidential car

it's so vintage!

history marker

A little walk from the garden and went to the side entrance and it showcased the history of the house and how it became a place of revolutionary plan against the Spaniards towards independence. 

the tallest structure

to the shrine

showcase the history of the house

solo shot

explained the history of independence

Map of Cavite

other pictures and memorabilia

some scriptures

Bowling Alley

As I went at the back of the house, a garden and marble tomb where General Aguinaldo was interred. He died last February 6, 1964, at the age of 94 at the Veterans Memorial Hospital in Quezon City and brought his remains to his place and buried. I went to that place to give respect.

the tomb of General Aguinaldo

give respect to the first Philippine President

huge house

which is now a shrine

solo shot once again

The house in which General Aguinaldo designed was huge and it has different rooms especially to the second floor. It was also featured secret passages and some places for hiding documents and weapons. It was constructed in details and at the same time a residential place for his family and offices for his constituents.

to the second floor

at the hallway

huge living room

ceiling room

study area

with memorabilia

the door towards a flag to be raised

General and his wife's room

some of his daughter's room

hallway of other rooms


window from the second floor

Family Picture

great way to discover this place

other room

It was great way to appreciate the house and I was proud that I went to this place and experienced the history of this shrine. I learned during this trip. I went down from the second floor and talked to the tour guide and caretaker of this shrine and he recalled some of the experiences in the shrine, from the restoration up to this moment. Most of the visitors were students and tourists.

happy me

learning is great

Thanks to this shot

and another one

way to the second floor

at the side of the shrine

raise the flag

to the other side

Before I left the place, I went to the souvenir shop which was located at the right side of the main house. There were different pasalubong from the famous tahong (mussel) chips to candies. T-shirts to keychains and many more. I bought some pasalubong and tried the tahong chips and it tasted so good. :) 


many to choose from

tastes so good! :)

bought these

love these pasalubong

On my way out from the shrine, I was amazed on the beauty of the shrine exterior. Got to take some snaps  from there and went into the Aguinaldo Park. It was just across the shrine and I found the bronze equestrian statue of General Aguinaldo set on a marble pedestal. It was picturesque and I managed to take some shots. :)

the Aguinaldo Shrine from Aguinaldo Park

the bronze equestrian statue

me at the Aguinaldo Park

nice place

Aguinaldo Park with the Shrine at the background

Learning history is sometimes boring if you read and discover it in school. It will be more appreciate if you go out and discover the place and see it on your eyes. It was fun and learn at the same time. Make sure you visit this place and experience the history that shape the Philippine from its independence. 

How to get there?
Getting to Kawit, Cavite is very easy and accessible. Here are some of the guides:

By private vehicle - From Baclaran, head to the Coastal Road and travel all the way to the new CAVITEx (Cavite Expressway). Exit at Kawit and you will easily find the place which is just few meters from the church of Kawit.

By commute - From Lawton or Cubao, take a bus (St. Anthony de Padua or Saulog Transit) that bound to Cavite City. Make sure that it passes to Kawit. Another options is to take a bus going to Dasmarinas or Tagaytay and get off at SM Bacoor.  Hail a mini-bus at Tirona Highway (just across SM Bacoor) bound to Rosario, Noveleta or Cavite City. Tell the driver or the bus conductor to get you off to the Aguinaldo Shrine which was easily seen since the shrine was along the National Highway. Fare ranges from PHP38 to PHP50.

Important Notes: The house and museum are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please take note that museums in the Philippines are close every Monday due to maintenance of the place. There were no entrance fee to the shrine but donations are welcome for museum's maintenance. :)


  1. ang rangya pala ni gen aguinaldo.

  2. i love your forever alone pics. sama ka ng friend mo minsan kung meron ka man. lol.


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