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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Astonishing Paoay Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Paoay Church, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Heavy rain poured on my first travel day in Ilocos Norte, but it did not stopped me in exploring the beauty of the province. After I spent walking along Laoag City capitol area, I rode a jeepney to my next destination, Paoay. I immediately knew that I went to this town to visit one of the most important structure and at the same time one of the beautiful church in the country. After 30 minutes of land travel, I arrived to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paoay Church.

leaving Laoag for a while

arrived Paoay Church on a rainy day

It rained hard but I took pictures since I was astonished on the beauty of the church. No wonder that this church was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1993. The beauty of the church was seen as far and I felt history right from the start. Nevermind the rain, I love the design and structure of it. :)

beautiful isn't it?

many tourists flocked in

It is one of the Baroque churches of the Philippines. The architectural design was mixed of Baroque, Gothic and Oriental features. What I mean Oriental because of the exterior part of the church where it looked like temple in some parts of Asia. On the other hand, Baroque and Gothic was because of the design of exterior too including the sides of the church. 


me with umbrella

design up close

looked like temple

Bell tower

side of the church

on the left side of the church

Built last 1694 and completed in 1710. This church was also belong to Earthquake Baroque since it was built and restored from earthquake. Bell tower was separated from the church since it might be fell into pieces once earthquake struck Paoay. The design remained intact as it is and it shown genuine especially the structure built at the heart of the town.

History Marker

entered inside the church, say a little prayer

at the back side of the church


walk at the aisle

main altar

on the other side

It was also called San Agustin (St. Augustine) Church. As what stated in the marker the bell tower was made of coral stones and it was used by the Katipuneros during revolution war against Spaniards and used again by Filipino guerillas during World War II. As what I read about the history, this church had a significant contribution in Ilocano history but also in the mold of Philippines towards the future. 

built at the heart of Paoay

with UNESCO seal at the right side

self photo

nice to be here! :)

I were having a great time visiting the church. I was amazed on the beauty because of its structure and also the historical significance of it. The trip was successful. Rain or shine, this place is a worth visit. :)

How to get there?
Paoay is more than 20 kilometers south of Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte. Travel to this lovely town was simple:

Source: Wikipedia

via car / van - If you are coming from Laoag City, drive along Manila North Road until you reach Batac City, drive to the right which the sign to Paoay is easily seen. Travel time to Paoay was approximately 25 minutes from Laoag City

                     - If you come from Metro Manila or any province south of Ilocos Norte, drive along Manila North Road until you reach Batac City. There is a road before the Batac City proper that will lead you to Paoay. Drive along the road until you reach Paoay town proper all the way to the church.

via commute - From Laoag City, take a jeepney (Laoag-Batac-Paoay or Laoag-Batac-Paoay-Currimao) and will take you to Paoay town proper. Just a short walk and you will see the church. Fare costs 34 pesos from Laoag. Terminal was on the right side of the Provincial Capitol. Travel time will take 30 minutes, but mind you that it will take a little bit longer due to waiting of passengers especially in San Nicolas and Batac City. 

                - From Metro Manila, take a provincial bus bound for Laoag City, drop off to Batac City downtown area. Take a jeepney (same route as above) to Paoay. Fare costs between 700 to 800 PHP for the 9-10 hour bus trip and additional PHP10 for 10 minute jeepney ride to Paoay.

Continue to the next blog! :)

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  1. We didn't get to see the interior of the church when we went there a few years ago. Sayang naman at umuulan nung pumunta ka. It's post-card perfect pa naman sana kung me araw. :-)


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