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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Captivating Laoag: Visiting The Cathedral & The Sinking Bell Tower

The Sinking Bell Tower

And the journey of my walking around Laoag City continued as to my likeness. I headed back to the City Hall and headed below the Gilbert Bridge, which by the way the third longest bridge in the Philippines. I went to the so-called "underpass" and alight to the other side of the road and I was greeted by the Golden Arch, which the world famous McDonalds restaurant located. 

The old (kalesa) and the new (McDonalds) minus the arch

I rested for a while but not inside of McDonalds and I took some shots there (like the picture above) and headed to my destination, St. William Cathedral or also known as Laoag Cathedral.

St. William Cathedral

This present Italian Renaissance / Baroque architectural design was not the first structure built in the year 1580. It was started in a wood and nipa palm in building the church. As the time goes by and numerous of nature disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes and also man-made destruction such as Spanish and American revolution and World War II. This church was built and regain its glory. The design was fully restored on its features on year 1891 where the roof of the church was made in galvanized iron.

Built in 1580 (stated in marker)

Baroque Style Cathedral

inside the cathedral

way to the altar

seated beside the aisle

walk along the aisle


simple yet classy

Heavy rain poured the city and luckily I was inside this church. I just not visit the interior of it. As part of my tradition in visiting churches and cathedral, I knelt down and prayed. Though I was not a believer of saying wishes for a first time visitor of the church, I focused on praying and thanked the Lord for safe travel. After my prayer, I managed to roam around the cathedral and took some photos.


church interiors


many pillars built the cathedral

built through the years

An 85 meter walk from the cathedral and I easily found one of the tallest structure in the city, The Sinking Bell Tower. During Spanish era, this structure was the tallest. Made of bricks with a mixture of other ingredients such as lime and sand. However, due to many years and decades past, the bell tower had begun to sank by few inches per year. Men and horse can go inside the tower before but today people are no longer enter inside the tower due to current situation (shrinking inch by inch per year).

the famous bell tower

but it shrinking

inch by inch

sans the electrical wires

me and the bell tower

one of the tallest bell tower in the country

stood through the years

history unfolds

until this generation

These structures really tested the time from centuries to centuries. Good thing that they preserved these historical figures that will pass on to generation to generation. It was a great learning experience to witness these structures. :)

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  1. Sinking bell tower po, not shrinking

  2. It's Sinking Bell Tower. From the blog title up to pictures. :)


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