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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cebu Pacific Flight Review: MNL to CEB, November 2012

Arrived at Mactan-Cebu International Airport

We've been to Cebu for several times and still excited on visiting once again. Due to promo fares for the past months, we availed Cebu Pacific low fares and immediately booked to Cebu. We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 at 5AM since our flight was 6:25AM. We were group of 5 and we met at our office in Sampaloc, Manila and availed taxi for PHP250 or PHP50 each. Travel time was breeze since it was midnight then.

NAIA Terminal 3 is the largest airport of the country. Since Cebu Pacific operates internationally and domestically, we went there. We also waited two members in order for us to do the check-in. We entered to the terminal and there were many passengers lining up. Actually for Cebu Pacific, they separate International and Domestic Check-in counters and staff assisted the passengers so it ended smoothly. One staff informed us to proceed to other check-in counter since our flight time was early.

Terminal 3

arrived at 5AM

entrance to the terminal

first security check

Since we moved to another counter for check-in, our seating assignments were provided and we were not in same row. So a tip will be arrive to the airport 2 hours before the flight or have a seats reserved at airline website for a fee. Good thing that current flight includes the PHP200 terminal fee so it won't be a hassle lining up just like before.

check-in time

lining up

going to second floor

busy Terminal 3

We went to second floor to have some breakfast. Good thing that there were shops and restaurants opened early in the morning. We had our breakfast at Jollibee. We had our walk at the terminal until our flight was announced that it was ready for boarding. We immediately went to the final security check-in and we were surprised that shoes or sandals were not taken off which it was a part of security check before. So the final check ended smoothly. After that, we went to the designated gate.

lining up for final check-in

waiting to be checked

my boarding pass

At Gate 117

Cebu Pacific bound for Cebu

waiting for boarding

Flight Number: 5J 551
Route: Manila-Cebu
Airline: Cebu Pacific Air
Aircraft: Airbus 319-100
Flying Time: 60 minutes
Departure Time: 0700H
Arrival Time: 0800H

Passengers starting to lined up after the boarding announcement. We waited some passengers to finish until we proceed our turn. After clearing up our boarding passes, we went down as we thought it will proceed to the gate tube but we went down the stairs and to the tarmac onboard the aircraft. According to them, it was the usual practice of Cebu Pacific but I enjoyed it as I wanted to take some photos at the tarmac with the aircraft.

boarding time

check our boarding passes

5J 551 bound for Cebu

boarding passes, check

down for boarding

our Cebu Pacific aircraft

Airbus 319-100

picture with the aircraft

boarding at the rear door

going up

picture first :)

aircraft side view

Cebu Pacific's logo

It was a full flight but the good thing was boarding time was smooth and fast. I was seated in 25C (Charlie) since my friend Gina asked to exchange seats from B (Bravo) to C (Charlie). So, I was seated at the aisle. After few minutes, cabin crew checked if baggage were stored properly and they started to do the flight safety demonstration. We supposed to depart at 6:45AM but due to traffic congestion at NAIA runway, we departed at 7:00AM. We used the shorter runway (13/23) instead of the usual longer runway (6/24). 

seated at 25C (Charlie)

full flight

safety demo from flight crew

happily seated
tried their milk tea - delicious! :)

serving snacks

and also souvenir items

happy drinking


reading Smile Magazine

landed one hour later

arrived at Mactan-Cebu International Airport

drop off 

Thank you Cebu Pacific!

going to the arrival area

entering the airport

proceed to baggage carousel

arrival area

Welcome to Cebu!

Overall, it was a pleasant flight from Cebu Pacific. From check-in, to boarding, to flight and up to the arrival. It was also observed that we didn't use gate tube even though NAIA and Cebu airport has a facility. But nevertheless, it was a great flight and I was able to take some shots of the aircraft. Flight crew were also attentive and greeted us from the moment we went inside the aircraft until deplaning. Short delay was OK since it was a runway congestion at Manila. It was a great and fun flight with Cebu Pacific. :)

Thank you Cebu Pacific! :)

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