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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Weekend Getaway in Baguio [Part 2/3]

[Part 2]

Date: March 14-15, 2009
Destination: Baguio City, La Trinidad, Benguet
Travel via: Land (bus, jeepneys, FX taxis)

Note: This is for archiving purposes. But still worth sharing. :)

After climbing 200+ steps, we finally reached Lourdes Grotto. :)

We started to roam around Baguio city right after we took our breakfast. All of us were very excited since some of us were first time to explore the city. I have been to Baguio for so many times but it never fails to amaze me. Maybe because of the climate and the people. 

Outside our transient house. Look at those houses on top of the mountain!

We hailed our taxi to visit Lourdes Grotto. By the way, taxis here are not airconditioned, which is totally different in Metro Manila. Their taxis are FX type (from Tamaraw FX of Toyota) which suited to the slopes of city roads. But hey, Baguio taxi drivers are one of the friendliest and honest drivers in the country. We appreciated their kindness without anything in return. They loved to tell a story and give some tips in and out of Baguio. But anyway, we reached Lourdes Grotto in just 15 minutes.

It was under renovation during that time

We are waiting for you here. More steps to climb. :)

We are not just to visit here, but also to pray...

We are now starting to descend...

And finally back to the ground... :)

Next stop: Burnham Park

Daniel Burnham was the one who designed the city during American occupation and the park was named after him. But due to massive expansion of the city, population rises leading to spoliation of resources which leads to a decay of structures. But the charming of the city will not erase that is why more tourist keep on coming to the city... including me. :)

This park marked the city proper where activities take place such as the annual Panagbenga in February and the City Charter anniversary. Christmas season also had the annual activities. More photos here:

Behind is the head bust of Daniel Burnham.

We love taking some photos here. At the back is the man-made lagoon.

Another photo with the same location.

The city lagoon. You may rent a boat for 100 pesos, unlimited time. Learn to paddle guys. :)

Another photo shot at the same location.  

How do we get there: From Lourdes Grotto, there is a jeepney that plies Baguio Plaza-Lourdes-Dominican. That jeepney will be heading towards Burnham Park. Just pay the minimun fare (PHP8.50) and you will be in Burnham Park in just 10 minutes. :)

Next stop: Baguio Botanical Garden

Actually, our intention was to visit Wright Park and the Mansion but we decided to drop by to Botanical Garden since some of them were interested to see inside of it. It was also my first time to visit here since I passed only to this place and headed to Mines View Park.

Tip: If you want to go here, take a jeepney ride that heads to Mines View Park. Jeepney terminal was along Mabini Road and you will see Baguio Plaza-Mines View. On that journey, you will be passing Botanical Garden, Wright Park (where one of the horse back riding in the city), The Mansion, and Mines View Park.

Pictures here:

After spending 10-15 minutes in the garden, we went to Wright Park/The Mansion. We supposed to take a jeepney or hail taxi but some locals advised us to just walk since it is nearer. But lo, we were exhausted because of the long, long walk towards Wright Park. After spending 30-40 minutes of walking and resting in every 10 minutes, we were finally reached Wright Park.

Next stop: Wright Park / The Mansion

Before we headed to the park, we have climb a hundred steps. After few minutes, we finally reached the park. Pictures here:

Take a rest first. :)

Welcome to Wright Park!

The Mansion just straight ahead... :)

Picture at the park once again. :)

In few meters walk across Wright Park is The Mansion. It was a great view and open for public but it is only beyond gate only. We spent taking photos on it.

Welcome to my mansion! Hehehe... :)

Presenting... The Mansion

Group Picture!

Next Stop: Mines View Park

This time, we took a jeepney (Baguio Plaza-Mines View) and paid PHP8.50 minimum fare in order to proceed to Mines View Park. It is a short, 5 minute ride to the destination. Mines View Park is one of the attraction of the city. It is a former site where miners take a rest and view the whole location. It was once uninhabited before but due to massive expansion and increase in population, this place is now builts with houses and structures. But nevertheless, it is a nice view and many people still visit this site.

Picture perfect! :)

Picture one more time!

Great view!

Group picture! :)

Other places we went were SM City Baguio (the only SM malls that has no airconditioned inside), Session Road and Teachers Camp. I wasn't able to take photos due to battery empty of my camera.

Stay tuned for Part 3! :)

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