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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cebu's Taboan Market: More Than Just a Dried Fish

Basket full of Dried Fishes

After our lunch at Zubuchon, we went back to Sampaguita Suites at downtown area for check-in and took a little rest before we headed back to another "laag" moments in the Queen City of South. Our group were frequent visitors of Cebu City and we enjoyed visiting this place. After few hours of freshen up, we hit the city once again.

Our next stop was the famous Taboan Market. We hailed a jeepney (signed 15F) just across Magellans Cross and took 10-15 minute drive to the destination. Had a little walk and immediately reached the place. It is one of the places in Cebu where you will buy your pasalubong. The place is famous for selling dried fish or danggit. Make sure you know the haggle skills and they will give you discount. :)

view infront of the market

Once you arrived to Taboan Market, you immediately smell the dried fishes which makes more intriguing. I have been to this place for several times and I love going back because of atmosphere and great place to buy pasalubong back home. :)

more choices of dried fishes

there's danggit (PHP450 per kilo)

other dried fishes

self photo

Prices vary on different type of dried fish and of course, it depends on the season. During our trip, prices range from PHP400 to PHP600 depending on class and types. Several dried fishes to choose from: aside from danggit, there were squid, fish tapa, dilis (anchovies), fish tocino and many more.  By the way, I also bought dried squid which costed me PHP600 per kilo and had to divide it per 1/4 kilo. Good thing that packaging was free and they sealed it plastic.

Not only dried fishes sold here, Taboan Market is a one stop pasalubong center where they also sell Cebu's products and delicacies. So it is a great place of doing your shopping and prices were almost the same or even lower than in other pasalubong shops and supermarkets. Just go inside and you will find different products such as the favorite dried mangoes, mango puree, otap (Cebu biscuits), Cebu chorizo (sausages), Carcar Chicharon (pork cracklings) and many more. 

more shopping ahead

different mango products sold here

many to choose from

great time to buy pasalubong

Money well spent when you are in Taboan Market. You can buy everything here especially your pasalubong back home. It is a one stop center selling great Cebu products at affordable price. make sure to include this in your itinerary when visiting Cebu. Great place and it's more than just a dried fish! :)

Tip: Bring extra clothes because the smell of dried fish will stick to your dress. But nevertheless, it's an experience to be there and more fun! ;)

Taboan Market
Pahina Central, Cebu City
See the map here

How to get there?

via commute - the best way is to ride a jeepney. From Cebu downtown area (Magellans Cross), look for  route sign going to Taboan or Tabo-an. Fare only costs PHP7.50. 

Taxi cabs also available across the city. All drivers know that place. Flag down starts at PHP40 and fare usually did not reach PHP100 depending on traffic.


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